Mindfulness at QSP

WHAT: Mindfulness Workshop

WHEN: Sunday, April 9th, 10:00 AM - 12:00

WHO: All ages

WHERE: The Quinan Street Project, 656 Quinan Street, Pinole

Pay What You Can

($10 per participant suggested)

 What is Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is an effective antidote to today’s stressful world. 
Educators across the country - including here in WCCUSD - are finding Mindfulness beneficial both for themselves and for their students.

This workshop will be an introduction to Mindfulness.  It will provide a basic orientation to secular Mindfulness practices. You will leave the class with a basic context for Mindfulness, some of the background Neuroscience, and the essentials of several Mindfulness practices, even some you can try with students.

Britt Block (Facilitator) is a High School Drama teacher with more than 30 full time years in the classroom.  She also has more than 30 years working on a personal Mindfulness practice.  She is currently in the training program for Mindful Educators with Mindfulschools.org, where she is working towards certification as a Mindfulness provider.

Britt says:  

So often, walking into the Public High School as an educator feels like walking into a hurricane.  So many demands!  So many students! Mindfulness practice helps us begin to identify with being inside the eye of the storm, instead of being blown to bits by its gale force winds.  Mindful educators create space for students to learn.  Mindful students can learn to create a calm place inside to study.  Mindfulness is the primary strategy I have used to avoid burn out over the years.