Executive Director, Anna Smith, leads a drama class for 3rd graders

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What We Do

The Quinan Street Project fights to provide accessible visual and performing arts education to children in Contra Costa County and to the public elementary schools in the West Contra Costa Unified School District. Through classroom residencies, summer camps, and workshops, QSP is dedicated to igniting confidence, literacy, and creativity in our students.

How You Can Help
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A photo of the front of the QSP space - a blue restored Victorian with a garden and a sign out front

Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Quinan Street Project was founded specifically to serve the West Contra Costa Unified School District; an historically racially diverse and culturally rich community. Our commitment to equity for all races, genders, and the queer/LGBTQ+ community has always been part of our mission in serving our students and families, and these values are the backbone of every action we have taken since our founding in 2013.

But our work with equity, diversity, and inclusion is not focused on being saviors; our work is to empower our young people to speak up for themselves and learn to advocate with their own voices in their classrooms and in the world at large. Our curricula are designed to engage and uplift. To spark creativity and encourage activism through the lens of representation in our texts and our staff.

We stand in solidarity with our community and are responsive to feedback at all times. We are committed to continuing our work as an anti-racist organization and face hard conversations with an open heart, an open mind, and open ears.

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We are a member of Intersection for the Arts. Intersection for the Arts is a historic arts nonprofit that provides people working in arts and culture with fiscal sponsorship and resources to grow.