Ensemble Assemble is an assortment of 5-15 week theatre education residencies focusing on
communicating feelings and emotions, world mythologies and storytelling, and building empathy for all through the tools of an actor: body, voice, and imagination.

Classrooms that work with QSP consistently report

an increase in their students' confidence,

public speaking, and communication skills.

Lessons are appropriate for grades K-6.

Find the drama class that works best for your classroom!

  • Five Week Lesson Sequences (40 minute lessons)​​​

    • Journey Through Emotions (K-3)​

      • Using drama games, grounding skills, and structured conversations and reflections we explore five emotions that everyone experiences: nervousness, annoyance, sadness, anger, and (of course!) happiness. 

      • By the end of this sequence children will have new tools to express and give voice to their emotions and feelings.

    • Basics of Playwriting (3-6)

      • Over the course of these five lessons students will collaboratively write a short play focusing on the given circumstances, such as WHO is in the play, WHAT the play is about, WHEN and WHERE the play takes place, and (most importantly) WHY is this an important story to tell?

      • By the end of this sequence children will be able to write their own plays and stories that focus on what is important to them in the world. 

  • Ten Week Lesson Sequences (40 minute lessons)

    • Animals, Conflict, and Stories - Oh, My! (K-3)​

      • Using six animal rivalries from nature these lessons use the Animal Kingdom to give voice to how conflicts can be resolved; even with life and death stakes!

      • By the end of this sequence children will be able to create dynamic stories with emotional stakes.

    • Trojan Women to TikTok: The Evolution of Artistic Storytelling (3-6)

      • With geography and theatre history as a guide these lessons introduce world theatrical concepts to students and culminate in discovering how indigenous storytelling from around the world still influence our contemporary content.

      • By the end of this sequence children will be able to create their own content directly influenced by world theatre history.

  • Fifteen Week Lesson Sequences (50 minute lessons)

    • Literature Remixed​​​

    • Advanced Playwriting

    • NOTE: These are advanced programs and work best for schools that have already completed the 5 or 10 week sequences first!

  • Theatre for Special Day Classes: Text to Performance - Recommended for TK+

    • 20-minute lessons twice a week for 12 weeks.

    • Students learn how to express characters, emotions, and ideas in a variety of ways to perform stories. Accessible and adaptable for all students with special needs.

  • Theatre for Special Day Classes: Playwriting - Recommended for grades 4-8

    • 50-minute lessons twice a week for 6 weeks.

    • Adapted version of our Playwriting lesson package for learners with disabilities.


Five Lesson Sequences: $800 per participating classroom

Ten Lesson Sequences: $1,600 per participating classroom

Fifteen Lesson Sequences: $2,400 per participating classroom

Contracts are organized case by case with each school based on amount of classrooms served, Title I status, budget size, etc.

No school should feel that they cannot afford this program,

but please be mindful that QSP is a small budget organization, as well, and must plan ahead to support the cost of large schools.

If our budgets do not align in one particular school year it is possible to plan ahead for the following school year with potential grant funds, fundraising, and classroom sponsorships.

Thank you for choosing to work with a local grassroots organization founded by and for our community!


Ensemble Assemble: Theatre Education for All